Vultures and Parrots

Duration: 100'

Production date: 1985




Nelson Dantas

Dora Pelegrino

Louise Cardoso

Felipe Camargo

Ivan Cândido

Jackson de Souza

Maria Alice Vergueiro

Emmanoel Cavalcanti

Anselmo Vasconcelos

Cláudia Gimenez

Ariel Coelho





Director: José Joffily

Screenplay: Jorge Durán e Joaquim Vaz de Carvalho

Cinematography: Edgar Moura

Production Design: Bárbara Mendonça

Editor: Emiliano Ribeiro

Soundtrack: Ugo Marotta

The film tells the story of a judge in his sixties that goes back to his home, a small country town, in bringing his young and seductive wife. The couple sparks an interest in the gossiping population that envies their happiness. The men from the town start to look for young lovers in brothels and their wives pray so that the couple disappears. The people from Vultures and Parrots town don’t stop even with the sudden death of the judge who, in the grave, still calls for his lover.