Sound and Silence

13 episodes of 26'

Production Date: 2018


A co-production with Entreter Produções Artísticas




Direção Geral: José Joffily 

Director: Pedro Rossi

Executive Production: Isabel Joffily

Producer: Anthonio Andreazza

Musical Production: Nilo Romero

Cinematography: Carlos Amaral Baptista, Luis Abramo, Pedro Rossi e Vinícius Brum

Sound: Heron de Alencar

Editors: Juliana Guanais, Lais Lifschitz, Pablo Francischelli

Sound Editing and Mix: Nilo Romero

Post-Production: Afinal Filmes


Distribution: Newco - Elisa Ayub 

Contact for distribution:

Elisa Ayub: (11) 3131 3903

Cheila Mascarenhas and Anthonio Andreazza: (21) 3449 3550




In 13 episodes of 26 minutes SOUND & SILENCE puts forward encounters between musicians and luthiers. Hosted by percussionist Marcos Suzano, the series establishes a dialogue between people responsible for finding the ideal sound. With the musicians, the encounters take place in a studio where they play alongside our host. The other half, we go to the craftsmen’s studios. Some are used to the applause and shine on stages, others, in the midst of their silent workplaces.

With great pleasure we witness the mutual recognition of these artists.