After Spring

Documentary, 80'.

Directors: Isabel Joffily and Pedro Rossi


Adel Bakkour, 23 years old, and Hadi Bakkour, 21, are brothers. Born in Aleppo, Syria, they have been living for three years in Rio de Janeiro as refugees. They are experiencing a time where cultural choc between two different lifestyles is latent. In a critical state, highlighting the friction between two different ways of living and understanding life. The father, Abdo Bakkour, will soon arrive in Brazil. He hasn't seen his children since they left their home country. Through the perspective and expectations of Abdo, the film will detain itself on the acculturation process undertaken by Adel and Hadi, where it is possible to perceive profound changes and conflicts.



Na Pele

Fiction serie of 10 episodes of 32'.

Director: José Joffily.

The routine of a upper middle class family with access to the guarantees of a secure and comfortable life may be ruined in a moment. Having your own apartment and health insurance to make up for the precarious public health system does not guarantee comfort and stability. The uncertainty of life shocks reality and makes us contradict our once strengthened convictions. Setting limits to scruples is a something that only destiny may mould.  


Series of 04 episodes of 52’.

Directors: Bernardo Pinheiro and Pedro Rossi.

GERCHMAN is a documental series about the personal and professional life of Rubens Gerchman. Starting from a chronological structure of his artistic work, every episode will embrace a specific moments from his career: from when he started as with layouts until his Kisses phase (icons to his work) but also exploring the importance of his education militancy, resulting in the creating on the School of Visual Arts in Parque Lage.

Daniel Senise -

Not Everything Has To Be About Something

Documentary, 80'.

Directors: Bernardo Pinheiro and Pedro Rossi.


The feature-film is being realised in collaboration between the artist Daniel Senise, the critic and professor Agnaldo Farias and the directors Bernardo Pinheiro and Pedro Rossi. Our proposal is to make a film where Senise is the theme, but also author, actor and filmmaker. Our investigation intends to find the source of the artist’s creative intuition, which is able to transform the time-space of our perception. The film will be based on encounters between Senise and personalities who were essencial for his artistic development, as well as documenting his creative process.