Musical Chairs

Duration: 80'

Production date: 2011


WIth Rodrigo de Oliveira, Ricardo Barbosa, Byron Hitchcock,

Catherine Carignan, Rodney Silveira.




Director: José Joffily

Executive Production: Isabel Joffily

Cinematorgaphy: Luis Abramo & Eti Pena

Sound: Heron Alencar, Gabriela Cunha, Gustavo Campos & André Cabelo

Editor: Pedro Bronz

Assistant Director: Rita Toledo

Sound Design and Mixing: François Wolf

Musical Consultant: Francisco Joffily



*Hors Concours Showing in Rio's Film Festival 2011.

Musical Chairs takes the viewer into a heated contest for a unique prize. In one corner, the undisputed champion: Music; in the other: the musicians. Ricardo, Catherine, Byron, Rodrigo and Rodney - all talented young musicians - vie for a place in a symphony orchestra in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The film reveals the conflict, passion and discipline that the artistic impulse demands.