Lust of Power

Duration: 110'

Production date: 2005


With MC Geléia, Antônio Pedro Figueira de Mello, Felipe Santa Cruz, André Luiz Filho, Carlo Caiado, Pastora Márcia Teixeira.




Directors: Eduardo Escorel e José Joffily

Executive Production: Alvarina Souza Lima

Cinematography and Camera: Fred Rocha, Luis Abramo, Guy Gonçalves

Sound: Bruno Fernandes e Heron Alencar

Editor: Eduardo Escorel, Fernanda Rondon e José Joffily

Research: Karina Kuschnier




*Opening ceremony of It's All True Festival,


*São Paulo's International Cinema Showing.

Recorded during the county elections from Rio de Janeiro in 2004, the documentary follows the day-to-day of six candidates from different parties and areas of expertise running for the first time for assembly of the city. The material follows the characters from their party’s convention to the final vote count.