Vidigal Olympus

Duration: 22'

Production date: 2016

Co-production: Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre.

TV Partner: SportTV


Director: José Joffily and Isabel Joffily

Producer: Samuel Lobo

Cinematographer: Pedro Rossi

Editor: Fernando Vidor



Vidigal Olympus 

Luiz Fernando Rodrigues da Silva, resident at Vidigal's favela, is a boxer and a strong candidate to represent Brazil in Tokyo's Olympic Games in 2020. Without any official support, the Vidigal community was able to classify two fighters in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio: Michel Borges and Patrick Lourenço.  All three started in the same boxing gymnasium in the community, Institute Todos na Luta.

Every hero's aim is to reach the Olympus.