A Feast for George

Duration: 52'

Production date: 2009


With Dona Ana, Seu Jorge, Helinho.




Director: Isabel Joffily e Rita Toledo

Excutive Production: José Joffily

Cinematography: André Lavaquial, Bruno Diel e Paulo Castiglioni

Sound: Marcos Cantanhede, Felippe Mussel e Ives Rosenfeld

Editor: Pedro Rossi




*FEMINA Festival 2009;


*Ethnographic Film Showing.


The day-to-day life of three devotees of Saint George during the months of preparation for the saint’s feast – the 23rd of April. Ana does her best to organise the kiosks for the feast. Jorge is in charge of keeping order in the church. Helinho deals with his “orixás” (a sort of African counterparts to Roman Catholic saints). The relationship of these people with the feast stands as evidence of the importance of the devotion to Saint George in Rio de Janeiro.